Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitchen Values

The idea behind these kitchen values (although they don't HAVE to be put in the kitchen) is that families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so what better place to put up subtle reminders of your family's values. Sometimes it can be hard to say the same things over and over (toddlers or teenagers :) but with these it makes it possible to deliver your message in a way and time when they are ready and needing to receive it. The four values covered are Faith, Obedience, Virtue, and Gratitude. Each has a quote to go along with the value. You can hang them together or place them on top of cupboards (sometimes we need a little something more than our greenery ;). Personally, mine are on top of my cupboards. (Oh...and don't spill the beans that I got these frames at Wal-Mart for $2.50 EACH-not even on sale.)

How it Works:

If you're like hate paying shipping costs and waiting 3-5 business days to receive your order. Which is why I made my designs available for download immediately after payment is received. (Payments are secure and made through PayPal.) No shipping costs and NO wait! All you'll need to do is pick your color combination, how many prints you would like to be able to print (i.e. for gifts), and after you purchase is completed you'll be able to download the design for printing on your computer. Then simply trim it to be 8x10 and fit it in a frame (I get most of my frames at thrift stores for a fraction of the price) and VOILA! you have just added a little value to your home.


Get the entire set of FOUR kitchen values (Faith, Gratitude, Virtue, and Obedience) ready to print on YOUR printer for only $20! (No shipping costs, just instant availability for download and ready to use!)

Need to print more for gifts, check out the multiple print discounts below: (This will give you the rights to print these more than once so you can use them as gifts!)
  • 1 Print: $20
  • 2 Prints: $36 (Savings of $4)
  • 3 Prints: $48 (Savings of $12)
  • 4 Prints: $56 (Savings of $24)
  • 5 Prints: $60 (Savings of $40)
*Please note, multiple print discount is based on only ONE color combination.

Design Specs:
  • Fits any 8x10 frame (please note these do not come with dotted lines to cut around since most printers do not print that close to the edge of the paper and it may hinder the design)
  • Comes in the following color combinations:
Green and Red
Buy Now! Green and Red 8x10 Set of 4 Kitchen Values
Number of Prints:

Red and Orange
Buy Now! Red and Orange 8x10 Set of 4 Kitchen Values
Number of Prints:

Blue and Red
Buy Now! Blue and Red 8x10 Set of 4 Kitchen Values

Black and Gray-perfect for ANY kitchen!

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